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Google Analytics Packages

Google Analytics Creation or Optimisation Packages

Google Analytics data can provide insight into your online marketing initiatives. However, in order make key business decisions, it is critical that your decisions are based on accurate and actionable data.


A lot of Analytics accounts aren’t setup properly. They’re created haphazardly as part of a website build or as an afterthought, rather than to accurately and effectively measure website traffic that can create real business decisions.


Most Google Analytics accounts contain spam sessions which can be creating incorrect sessions, internal sessions, missing goals configuration, double tracking, inaccurate e-commerce tracking and more. As a result, this can lead to inaccurate measurement and ill-informed business decisions.


Our optimisation packages include a comprehensive evaluation of your Google Analytics setup to help identify and fix those issues, while also updating the account according to best practice.

Don’t have a Google Analytics account? No worries – let us set it up best practice, from day one.

google analytics


Our basic Google Analytics optimisation package includes:

  • Javascript review – Ensure Google Analytics tracking script is configured properly.
  • Setting up a filtered, more accurate view – You should always have (at least) two views – one includes the the default all web site data that never has any changes and another view that has filters – like blocking spam and robots and blocking your own internal IP so that the data is as accurate as possible.
  • Setting up your internal search – this enables you to review in GA the organic keywords that are searched for users inside your website in the search bar. This is good for finding what users are interested or what might not be easy to find on the site.
  • Linking Google Analytics, AdWords and Google Search console – Link together the other sources of data truth include Google organic search information and advertising results from Google AdWords.
  • Setting up or recommending goals (depends on website access) – This includes filling in contact forms, clicking on phone numbers and email addresses etc. This data can be used to measure the effectiveness of advertising, as well as what users are doing on the website beyond views.
  • Enabling remarketing – Install a remarketing code on the website to target users who have already been to your site with the right ads.
  • Cost

    From $650

Our advanced Google Analytics optimisation package includes:

  • All features from the basic GA package
  • Setting up Google Tag Manager – This is integrated on your website, and moves Google Analytics into this tool. This enables much better tracking such as button clicks and specific link clicks, as well as makes it easier to integrate third party marketing tools like Facebook Pixel or Hotjar user experience tool.
  • Cross-domain setup – This includes special configuration of subdomain and cross-domain tracking.
  • Site speed review – Analyse the website speed performance and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Advanced Analytics remarketing – This includes creating remarketing lists based on time on website, specific pages, mobile traffic and more.
  • Social media reporting – This includes recommendations on UTM tracking to ensure social media traffic is being captured and reported properly.
  • Custom dashboard – Setup of a custom dashboard within Google Analytics, according to your business goals.
  • Cost

    From $1199


  • Integration of Facebook Pixel – retarget and track conversions from users on Facebook by integration of this pixel through Google Tag Manager.
  • E-commerce tracking – This includes the setup for e-commerce tracking with integration of actual figures from purchased products or tickets online.
  • Implement call tracking – This includes using specialised tracking software or the Google website call conversion tracking to better understand phone calls.
  • Website Analytics Report – Provide a detailed report on your website performance and audience insights.
  • User Analysis Report – Using third party tools, provide information on user experience on the site including real life user recordings, heat maps on the site, and understand of how they got to the site. This will come with an actionable list of decisions to increase conversions.

In addition to Google Analytics Optimisation, we are also specialised in a broad range of AdWords services including Monthly Management, AdWords plans and audits, Search, Display, YouTube and Google Shopping.