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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use AdWords


5 Reasons Your Business Should Use AdWords

The marketing world is changing drastically and Google AdWords is one of the platforms responsible. If you’re unfamiliar with Google AdWords, it is a pay-per-click service that allows your business to create and manage ads online. Used by thousands of small, medium and large organisations, Adwords helps your business target customers who already have an interest in your product.

Are you wondering whether AdWords is worthwhile for your business? Here’s 5 reasons why we at Threesides believe it needs to be a vital part of your online marketing strategy.

1. It is extremely customisable

AdWords provide tons of customisable options to precisely target and schedule your ads to reach the right customer. Your ads will appear whenever someone searches for your product or your keywords, anytime and anywhere.

2. You are paying for measurable results

That’s right. You only pay if a user clicks on your ad. Even better, you can easily measure what is working and what isn’t. With a bunch of PPC metrics and tools available with a click away, you can quickly and easily make adjustments whenever you want.

3. Control over your costs

If you just want to test the waters you have the choice to do so as there is no minimum spend requirement. It is entirely up to you how much you wish to spend each day and even better, you get estimations as to how well your ad is likely to perform and how it ranks against your competitors.

4. Much quicker than SEO

While SEO can be effective, it can take months before you notice any results. But with AdWords, you can get your website to appear on Google search results instantly, making it easier for you to stand out amongst your competition. If your competition is already using AdWords, that’s more a reason for you to ensure you’re in the competition.

5. It is more engaging

Finally, there are various other ad formats in AdWords such as Display Ads, Shopping Ads (Previously Product Listing Ads) and YouTube Ads, that all complement each other into creating your perfect online advertising strategy.

Still not sure? We can help. Our specialised AdWords team invest time and intelligence along with insightful reporting and practical advice to get the most effective results for your business.

Threesides is Canberra’s most certified independent agency Google Partner Agency.

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